SPA Etiquette

The Eden Spa team wants you to spend relaxing moments and feel good every time you visit the Spa. In this regard, we welcome you with everything you need during your experience and we address you some recommendations.

Depending on the facilities you want to use during your visit to us, we will offer you bathrobe, towels and slippers as well as access to individual lockers. You are requested to return the received items to the Spa Reception upon departure.

To relax and comfort yourself and other guests, please turn off the mobile phone. Please respect the privacy of other guests and do not photograph / film them during your visit to the spa. Also, smoking is strictly forbidden.

Wet area of the spa

For the comfort of all our guests, a bathing suit or an underwear around the body are required in the wet area. It is not recommended to use the saunas or other Spa facilities under the influence of alcoholic beverages. It is recommended to shower before and after the bath in the jacuzzi and between the sauna sessions. Use the sauna in moderation, in sessions of about 10 minutes with cold showers.

Valuable objects

We recommend that you leave your valuables and jewelry in the safe at the Spa Reception. Eden Spa assumes no responsibility for the loss of personal items.

Programming at therapies

It is advisable to book in advance so that you can choose your preferred time range. All therapies are scheduled according to availability. To guarantee the reservation, your name and contact details (mobile number and email) are required. Spa Reception will confirm the reservation, by phone or email, no later than 24 hours before its time. Please answer our confirmation request.

If you are unable to get to the appointment, please notify any changes or cancellations of the appointments at least 24 hours before the start of therapy. Unannounced cancellations will be penalized with the payment of 25% of the reserved and non-performed services. Treatments can only be rescheduled based on availability. If you have a prepaid service (gift card or part of a subscription) and you do not attend the program 3 times, we reserve the right not to honor that service.


The value of all the services and treatments you receive in the Spa will be paid at the Spa Reception.

Health considerations

It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any Spa service and treatment, if you have allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease, varicose veins, if you are pregnant or suffering from other chronic conditions. For your safety and comfort, before a therapy, we will ask you to complete and sign a lifestyle sheet specifying information about your health.


For mothers to be we have created special treatments and programs from which you can choose. For mothers in the first trimester of pregnancy, spa therapies are not recommended.

Clothing in Spa

Most Eden Spa therapies involve exposure to the body in areas. For your convenience, we assure that you will be covered with towels throughout the treatment, except for the area you are working on. But there are also types of massage you can opt for without having to undress - for example: thai yoga, reflexology, facial massage, etc.

We suggest you to wear the bathrobe and slippers received at the Reception at the Spa. For certain treatments, the therapist will provide you with disposable underwear. For optimal results of facial therapies, gentlemen are advised to shave a few hours before. For body exfoliation, it is recommended not to epilate 12 hours before therapy.

Our wish is that you get the relaxation and re-energization you need. Before the therapy we suggest you take a hot shower to relax the muscles and prepare for the treatment.

During treatment, communicate to the therapist the wishes, preferences and expectations. If you feel any discomfort related to the pressure of the massage, the room temperature or the music, please inform the therapist. The therapist will remedy these shortcomings immediately. It is your choice to talk during treatment or to relax deeply.

We thank you !