Eden Spa exists for active people, too busy to cope with their daily responsibilities, who feel they are losing themselves in the alert rhythm of life, fearing that they will soon become ill because of a too stressful modern lifestyle, who sometimes feel an acute lack of meaning ... and who, at one point, become aware of their needs. Who become concerned to find the balance and pleasures of life.

Eden Spa exists to give you a break, a moment of respite, a reason to escape from your daily routine.

Eden Spa is the time and space where you will find yourself, you will enjoy the peace and quiet of the meeting with yourself, in which you will be able to exist simply ... you will feel really good. You will recharge your batteries and you will find the resources to go further.

And because the time spent at Eden Spa is pleasant, warm and intimate, we invite you to share it with your loved ones, creating unique moments that will remain in your memory forever ... choose from "Spa in two" therapies or packages.

And for those who want more than a break from everyday life, Eden Spa is the time and space of a lasting interior transformation. Because we are aware that the stressful rhythm we live in affects our health and our physical and emotional imbalance, we have created solutions for you to maintain your well-being and vitality. For the first time in Romania, we offer Health Coaching and Mind and Body Detox programs that aim to change your lifestyle.

Visit us in one of the two locations in Bucharest and you will find a warm, welcoming space, with a relaxing atmosphere and a positive energy. You will be greeted with smile and care, you will be treated with care and affection, you will live moments of physical and mental relaxation. You will find the space where you will be able to meditate on yourself and your life, you will be able to listen to the music specially chosen for a deep relaxation or you will be able to browse a good book. You can choose to be served with hot and aromatic tea or a fresh organic juice specially prepared for you.